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Dr. Helvi Witek
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Subject: 	Fwd: NS matter: Snowmass LOI
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Hi Katy, Helvi,

now our time to send an LOI around :)
Can you also forward it to whoever might be interested in it?

Thank you very much,

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Subject: NS matter: Snowmass LOI
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Dear all,

In response to the call for the submission of Letter of Intent (LOI) for 
Snowmass-2021, a few people from the extreme matter group and outside 
collaborators have also prepared an LOI on the topic ‘*/Compact binaries 
as probes of dense matter and QCDphase transitions/*’.
The overleaf link to the document is here:
and a (current) pdf-version is attached.

If you would like to support this LOI, please add your name, 
affiliation, and email address in the author list in alphabetical order 
at the end of the document, or send us an email.
If you have any comments on the draft, please send it via email to 
someone listed at the top under "contact information", this is easier 
than directly changing something in the draft (please don't do this).

Best wishes,
Jocelyn, Michael, Phil, Ingo, Nick, Reed, Tim
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