[Users] NSNSTOHMNS(Gallery example) Plotting issues

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Jan 27 16:34:38 CST 2020

Hello Atul,

> Thank you for your email.
> I have VisIt 3 and ETK Mayer downloaded which I believe doesn't have
> CarpetHDF5. How do I use the CarpetHDF5 reader? Do I need to install it
> from https://bitbucket.org/rhaas80/carpethdf5/src/multifile/ or is there a
> newer version?
That is still the newest version. Though I do not know of that version
will compile with VisIt 3 (it may have changed the plugin interfaces).

I had a look at VisIt 3.1
since I run Debian) and as far as I can tell that one includes the
CarpetHDF5 reader in

> As to s.screenCapture, it was by default set to 0 , I have attached a
> sample image.
> setting s.screenCapture = 1 gives empty images, so does not fix the problem.
I see. The first step will then be to try and see if you can load a
Carpet HDF5 file in the GUI to make sure that at least in principle you
should be able to load a file (as compared to there being a scripting

You should also make sure that when the script runs the file is
actually opened by CarpetHDF5 and not some other plugin that can read
HDF5 files (PIXIE is often doing this). I believe there is some output
to screen about which reader is used.


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