[Users] Determination of the final spin of the remnant of a binary neutron star merger

Beyhan Karakaş beyhannkarakas at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 10:12:29 CST 2020

Dear to whom it may concern,

  I am interested in determining the spin of the remnant which are resulted
from binary neutron star (initially are in irrotational configuration)
merger . How could the method to determine the final spin differ (if it
does) in case of remnant is a black hole or a neutron star. For the former
case, I suppose QuasiLocalMeasures parameter
"begin_qlm_calculations_after"  along with AHFinderDirect parameter
"find_after_individual" should be set to the time/iteration that the black
hole formed. If this is not the case, please clarify how could it be
determined? In addition, is there a way to find the evolution of the spin
and orbital eccentricity of the binary?

Best regards,

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