[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2020-03-19

Bill Gabella b.gabella at vanderbilt.edu
Thu Mar 19 11:11:09 CDT 2020

Present:  Roland H, Bill G, Steve B, Peter D, Alois Peter S, Maria H, 
Liu H,

Chair:  Roland
Minutes:  Bill

* update on potential codes to be included in next release, from minutes 

** Baikal ETK (Zach, Helvi)

     No Zach.

** Illinois GRDMH (Zach, Roland)

     No Zach.

** Presync (Steve, Roland)

     Roland and Steve fixing, just warnings now. One ticket is blocker 
and Roland has the fix, some warnings left.
Steve working on it.  Might have to back out of McLachlan code, so it 
may not have presync.

* timeline 
of coming release [RH]

     Keep the same timeline, release same.  Could move feature freeze a 
little later if we want, if folks can work on them---
with APS meeting not in person.

* trivial or minor bugs 
tagged for next release, all bugs of severity major or worse 
(should be definition be fixed before the release)

     Roland and Steve on the presync ones.  Otherwise machine defs for 

* other open tickets 
flagged for next release

     No new ones.

* gallery testing: tasks 

** volunteers needed, please volunteer (someone)  [RH]

     Gallery examples ready and updated by April 30th, but a good idea 
to test run them before the
feature freeze (Apr 9).  After the code is frozen should be re-run.

*** TOV: Brock Brendal (UIUC)

*** BNS: Shawn Rosofsky (UIUC)

*** BBH: TBD     Maybe one of Zach's students.

*** Poisson: TBD   Bill G and group (Vanderbilt)

*** Multipatch scalar wave: TBD

unanswered questions on mailing list

open tickets sorted by update time

Tkt no. 2350 
about units.  Hydro units are conventional M=Msol, G=1, c=1. Maria: 
going from conventional units
to code units?  Roland: it uses the conventional units.  Magnetic field 
is a mess, different choices have little difference.
Roland and Maria: is it writing down how to do the conversion---look up 
HydroBase CCL 
and that it appears in the
documentation.  And give an example.  Baumgarte and Shapiro's NumRel 
book has in appendix I - "Binary black hole
puncture simulations as test problems"---note in the captions to Table 
I.1 and I.2, p. 643, they say for x,P "where 1 code unit =
1.011 M" !
Cactus agrees to map 1 to 0.98 (?).

Roland: Should HydroBase output a banner with units?  Maybe, but it 
would get lost in the outputs.

tickets ready for review

* Other items, not on agenda


William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN  USA

b.gabella at vanderbilt.edu
(o) 615-343-2713

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