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Robert Kopp kopp.robert at yahoo.com
Thu May 7 17:21:35 CDT 2020

I like Docker, although I am not yet very familiar with it. Anyhow I ran the container with the code, as follows:
docker run -p 8888:8888 -it --rm ndslabs/jupyter-et:latest
Then I saw: INFO (HelloWorld): Hello World!
However, it failed to run the star problem. Instead, it returned the following:
Error: specified parfile "par/tov_ET.par" does not exist or is not readable   tried paths "/home/jovyan/Cactus/par/tov_ET.par"   and "/home/jovyan/Cactus/repos/simfactory2/etc/parfiles/par/tov_ET.par",   working directory is "/home/jovyan/Cactus"Aborting Simfactory.
I saved the output CactusTutorial.ipynb, of course, so advice from anyone working on this project would be appreciated. I am presently using an FX-8350-based system, if this is relevant (32GB of RAM).

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