[Users] Is there a better way to deal with grid arrays in ETK?

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu May 14 10:10:28 CDT 2020

Hello Yu Liu,

> It is introduced in the UsersGuide of Cactus that the grid arrays can only
> be determined by function calls, rather than the quicker methods available
> for GFs. But is there a better way to deal with the grid arrays so far?
> I am trying to analyze some physical quantities in equatorial plane, and
> get the grid function in spherical coordinates by interpolation. It doesn't
> seem so convenient, if I define this new variable as grid arrays,
In C code there is no other way to get the exact shape of the arrays.
In Fortran code the shape is passed as usual to Fortran and the grid
arrays appear as regular multi-D Fortran arrays.

In C what is often done is that the arrays are shaped based on some
parameters eg Npoints_theta, Npoints_phi and then code uses those as
the array bounds. This only works for DISTRIB=const arrays which are
the same size on each MPI rank and not for DISTRIB=default arrays which
are split among the MPI ranks and distributed that way. For those
latter ones I do not think that there is any way to get at the shape
other than calling GroupDynamicData
on them.


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