[Users] ETK Meeting Minutes 2020-05-14

Hamilton, Maria babiuc at marshall.edu
Thu May 14 13:22:59 CDT 2020

Present: Maria H., Steve B., Roland H., Zack E., Peter S., Atul K., Beyhan K., Federico C., Peter D. Yosef Z.

Chair: Zach E.

Minutes: Maria H.

The chair Zach E. started to meeting. The main focus of the meeting was to decide what codes will be included in the next release, because Today is the feature freeze.  He reported that due to Helvi's absence from the meeting, no update was available on Baikal.

Steve B. presented the status of PreSync, and he reported that he is updating the documentation. He made the case that it will be good for the current grant if PreSync will be included in the current release.

Zach E. requested confirmation from the reviewer that Presync runs without interfering with the old code.

Steve B. argued that backward compatibility could be damaging because it sacrifices functionality.

Roland H. confirmed that PreSync is safe, and a new test was introduced Yesterday for consistency check. Although he admits that PreSync would benefit from more time, he is of the opinion that it can be included in the next release, because it does not present any danger. He does not fully trust its functionality, especially the automatic synchronization, because it was not tested with BBH simulations.

Zach E. and Federico C. requested more information, on known cases where PreSync failed, and how the new macros are used.

Roland H. and Steve B. confirmed that PreSync is off by default and agreed to enable more flags to warn the user if PreSync is activated. Steve B. explained that the macros only provide with consistency check that the user is doing what was supposed to, and specified that there is a warn only mode that can be used to improve code.

Zach E. called to vote on the inclusion of PreSync in the future release, and all voted in flavor.

Zach continued the discussion with Baikal and asked for a vote, mentioning that although the reviewer was not on the call, she confirmed by email that the review is ongoing.

Federico asked for clarification on the support BSSN will be supported, if Baikal will be included, and Zach confirmed that BSSN will continue to be supported, although he emphasized that Baikal gives better performance.

Roland opposed the vote without confirmation from the reviewer, and required for Helvi to put an OK note in the ticket.

Zach suggested two conditions that will disqualify Baikal from making into the next release (1) any new feature, and (2) incomplete review.

Roland agreed with the two amendments and brought to attention that there are 2 more disqualifying conditions: lack on testing on clusters, and lack of gallery examples.

Zach mentioned that the code was extensively tested by Roland on clusters by Roland, and that it does not require any gallery examples. Roland agreed, and Zach called to vote.

All were in favor of including Baikal into the new release, pending the two conditions, and Zach, who abstained from vote, thanked for the support of his code.

Roland brought to attention the tickets for review. Steve reported that the post-processing for the test suites were approved by Peter, however Roland had an objection, requesting the output on log files, and compatibility with SymFactory. Steve agreed to make the changes.

Zach went to the next item on the agenda, namely deprecation warnings. Roland asked Peter D. about the status of the summation by partos ticket. Peter reported that by using the minimal bandwidth form, there will be minimal change to the code. After a discussion on how to report this change -- as deprecated feature or bug, decision was made to report it as deprecation and include it in the master branch after release.

Zach went on the status of the gallery testsuites. He reported that TOV with BSSN and Illinois codes are OK, and that Shawn L. confirmed the BNS example.

Peter S. and Atul K. talked about their progress with the BBH gallery testing and reporting on their effort to find an agreement between the ETK simulation and the measurements from the first LIGO detection. Atul uses Simulation Tools for visualization and informed that the sample data on the Gallery example works fine.

Roland announced the feature freeze and requested that all the gallery examples to be re-run with the new ETK version.

Steve will push today the new version of McLaughlin, and Roland mentioned that the changes affected the Kranc generator,  and although none of the results should change, the check should be done.

Peter S. expressed concern that the runs will be finished in time, but Rolland assuaged his worries.

Zach reported that Bill G. was successful in running the Poisson gallery with the development version and is in the process of running Visit to make the plots. He will re-run after the code freeze.

Zach raised a question about running a 1D wave asked by one of Feredico's students. Steve and Maria recommended to use the 3D grid with minimal number of points in the other 2 coordinates.

Lastly, Zach required volunteers for chair and minute takers for the next two meeting. On may 21, Roland will be chair and Federico minute taker. On may 28, Steve will be the chair, and Roland the minute taker.

After this decision was made on this regard, the meeting adjourned.

I am attaching the file Bill G. provided through Zach E.

take care,


Maria C. Babiuc Hamilton, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Physics
College of Science, Marshall University,
1 John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV, 25755
Room S 257, Phone: (304)696-2754

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