[Users] Minutes for Nov 12, 2020 Einstein Toolkit Telecon

Zach Etienne zachetie at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 09:30:08 CST 2020

Present: Zach, Steve, Peter, Beyhan, Jay Kalinani, Ken Sible, Liu Haoyang,
Maria Hamilton, Miguel Gracia, Roland, Sam Cupp, Bill Gabella, Yosef

Carpetcode.org server transfer -- Steve warns if we transfer to LSU, the
mailing lists will break. Looking into a workaround.

NRPyPN vote for inclusion:
Roland -- Used for setting TwoPunctures parameters for binary black hole
initial data. Reviewed positively by Peter.

Roland had concerns about exposing the user to the inner workings of NRPyPN
that should be hidden. Zach fixed those in the past 12 hours. Zach says he
still needs to add a doc/documentation.tex file stub that points to the
actual (Juptyer) documentation.

NRPyPN received majority approval for inclusion.

Release planning:
Roland -- No *major* issues for which there are tickets of which we are

Still pass, some oddities are observed with TwoPunctures that can disappear
when Ofast compiler flag is changed to e.g., O2.

Gallery tests:
Roland -- Multipatch scalar wave finished. Others need to be done in the
next 2 weeks. Steve says he hopes to get to his next week. Beyhan too.

Unresolved messages on mailing list:
None to report.

Other business
Steve: Don't forget about SPEC benchmark!

Roland: Recordings of Erik, Zach, & Steve's Brown ICERM workshop tutorials
have been posted on the Einstein Toolkit homepage
Roland: UIUC postdoc application for Einstein Toolkit development is due
soon (Dec 1)!

Jay Kalinani: TOV simulation using new Spritz code. When adding a dipolar
magnetic field to the star, there is some confusion about the behavior of
cctk_time. There's a desire to not store RK intermediate values of
cctk_time to cctk_time itself.
Zach suggested that a local variable could be defined that simply outputs
cctk_iteration*dt if desired.
Roland had some comments about scheduling such a routine.

Chairs/Minute Takers for upcoming meetings:
Bill -- Minutes Nov 19
Sam -- Chair Nov 19

Miguel Gracia -- Minutes Dec 3
Roland -- Chair Dec 3


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Prof. Zachariah Etienne
Physics & Astronomy Dept.
West Virginia University
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