[Users] meeting minutes for 2020-10-15

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Oct 15 09:51:02 CDT 2020

Present: Roland, Peter D, Steve, Sam, Peter S., Bill, Yosef, Zach,
Maria, Atul

ICERM tutorial:
* Steve, could need help for 2pm EDT session today. 

Transition cactuscode to GitHub pages
* request to LSU DNS amdins sent by Steve
* paperwork needed for this to happen

Release planning:
* Steve created release timeline
* Roland started testing on clusters, no (major) unexpected failures.
  Steve will add Roland to new LSU allocations for QB and Mike/Shelob.
** CT_MultiLevel/boostedpuncture test fails on most clusters 
** twopunctures test is failing on many clusters but is new
* Roland will update long timeline plan to reflect 2 weeks of feature
  freeze but starting testing on clusters 1 month before

* reviewed by Peter
* Roland had some comments about not being able to find all information
  looking for inclusion vote in the ticket
* Zach mentioned validation tests in NRPyPN which is tested in Travis
  right now, could be incorporated to Jenkins
* Zach and Roland will work on GetComponents setup (if possible), add
  to ET repos
* plan to have inclusion vote 2 weeks from now

* CT_MultiLevel question
  no one on call is very familiar with CT_MutliLevel. Roland says that
  1/r boundary conditions are not currently supported by CT_MultLevel
  Will try and ping Eloisa.

* Cartoon2D/Carpet question
  not clear what is causing this. Peter might have some time to look at

Open tickets:
* no noteworthy tickets
* Roland will poke those who were poked before about tickets whose
  content is ready to be included

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