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Robert Kopp kopp.robert at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 19 11:04:25 CDT 2020

I have run CactusTutorial.ipynb and obtained output for Hello World. However, when the characteristics of my computer (i9-7940X) were guessed, apparently something went wrong. I obtained the following output:
Warning: Too many threads per process specified: specified num-threads=14 (ppn-used is 14)Warning: Total number of threads and number of threads per process are inconsistent: procs=1, num-threads=14 (procs*num-smt must be an integer multiple of num-threads)Warning: Total number of threads and number of cores per node are inconsistent: procs=1, ppn-used=14 (procs must be an integer multiple of ppn-used)+ set -e+ cd /home/robert/simulations/helloworld/output-0000-active+ echo Checking:+ pwd+ hostname+ date+ echo Environment:+ export CACTUS_NUM_PROCS=1+ export CACTUS_NUM_THREADS=14+ export GMON_OUT_PREFIX=gmon.out+ export OMP_NUM_THREADS=14
I can reduce the number of threads, but I'd rather not. I don't know enough yet about how this software works to set procs, though: it is not explicitly mentioned as such in the machine database. How would I do this?

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