[Users] Meeting Minutes 2020-10-22

Gabella, William E b.gabella at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Oct 22 10:21:23 CDT 2020

Attending: Maria HB, Bill G, Roland H, Yosef Z, Miguel GL, Peter D,
Steve B, Zach E

Chair: Maria HB
Minutes: Bill G

* transition cactuscode.org to github pages [RH, SB]

Steve, process is Steve talking to IT support and also a couple of
issues, referring an LSU
domain to an external site, and mailing lists running off the old
server.  So in process, but
keep reminding Steve.  Roland, good if done for next release.  Steve, it
should be done by
then, everything is fine, a guess is done in two weeks.

* upcoming release planning (5.5 weeks to go, 3 weeks to feature freeze,
3 weeks to have everything reviewed) [RH]

** Gallery test runners search Release Details [RH]

See the release dates and the timeline by Steve.  Feature freeze on the
12th of Nov.  Naming
for next week, but we should think about it.  See list in Release
Details, under Tools/Links.

Ask around for students to run these examples, and you get your name on
the ET release.

*** Single, stable neutron star

Miguel G.L. will do it.

*** Multi Patch Scalar Wave Equation

Need someone.

*** Poisson equation

Bill G for poisson solver.

*** Binary neutron star

Need someone.

*** Binary black hole GW150914

Steve, would like to convert to a singularity image to run; he will
think about it.

** release testsuite status

** NRPyPN: ticket 2417. [PD, ZE]

Zach, Zach is responding to Roland and Zach has started addressing the
primary issue, making
it a stand-alone that could go in an arrangements directory and run the
notebooks from that
directory.  Roland modified the GetComponents to make this work.  Should
have an install
directions file.  Zach recommends a virtual environment especially to
get the latest version of
sympy.  So good to know the minimum version (of Sympy say) that works. 
Earliest version of
sympy which works is 1.2 which is old, July 2018.  Roland, procedure for
adoption is that it
needs to be ready for release, we announce, and then there is a call for
the vote.  Likely vote
in two weeks.

* ICERM Fall 2020 tutorials post-action review [RH]

** NRPy+  (Zach)

** Writing your own Einstein Tookit thorns (Steve)

Zach for NRPY and Steve for ETK.  Steve, the LSU virtual machines worked
well and putting a Cactus
tarball in each users directory was a help, sped up the compile
process.  Would like Zach's tutorials
in the same place for ease of use of the student.  Zach, it should be
possible.  Steve, looking at
Spack, Spack based dockers to check ET versus different Linux versions. 
Could also test various
versions of MPI, etc, etc.

spack = package manager for HPCs, and you can handle packages in your
user space

unanswered question on mailing list / open tickets sorted by update time
/ tickets ready for review

* unanswered


"Settings procs" and "Poisson equation" have responses and paths
forward.  "TOV Solver" we think
is robust but changes equilibrium when rho_central is changed. Peter
will respond.  "Cartoon2D and
McLachlan" Roland has responded to it.

* open tickets


Many of the tickets relate to the new release.

Cactus math work-arounds breaking CarpetX, cannot be changed by next

GCC discussion and see 4.8 on many platforms.  With the GCC 10 fixes, it
is broken on 4.8 and works
on 4.9.  Roland will have gcc 4.8 in the configure test and have it fail
if the GCC 10 fixes are not
successful there.  GCC 4.8 nominally supports C++11.

* review tickets


#2288, Lean changes looked at by Miguel Zilhao, would like it to go in
before the release.  And Zach
looking at Baikal.

#2386, CCTK_Loop3_INT, is also something that Zilhao wants, but Lean fix
is more important.

* Next week chair is Zach and minute taker is Maria.

William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Nashville, TN USA
(o) 615-343-2713

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