[Users] Standard benchmark

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Oct 22 08:13:43 CDT 2020

Hello Gabriele,

to my best knowledge no standard benchmark suite or regularly updated
previous results exists.

You could use eg the BBH gallery example and run its mid or hig
resolution case (N=32 or so) and check speed.


> Hello,
> I want to benchmark the Einstein Toolkit on a new POWER9 cluster.
> My goals are to understand how the code scales and how the
> performances compare with the ones on other supercomputers.
> Is there a standard benchmark suite that covers all the typical use-cases
> and stresses all the different moving components (including IO,
> inter-node communication, ...)?
> Is there a set of results on benchmarks/scaling on recent machines?
> I found some emails on the subject and a page on the wiki for old clusters,
> but I cannot track down what is the most recent information on the topic.
> Thanks,
> Gabriele Bozzola

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