[Users] Meeting Minutes 2020-09-03

Gabella, William E b.gabella at Vanderbilt.Edu
Thu Sep 3 10:51:30 CDT 2020

Present: Bill G, Yosef Z, Roland H, Ken S, Peter D, Zach E, Steve B,
Peter S, Federico C, Atul

Chair: Yosef
Minutes: Bill

[short agenda]

* Peter S, request to add another plot for the Binary Black Hole
example.  Yosef, what about the ringdown
ramping up at the end?  Peter, just used the POWER routines.  Choice of
mass determines the timescale.
Roland, M_Adm early is 1.0, or after GWs pass is 1.0.  Either choice is
defensible.  LIGO and ET make the
opposite choice.  Style: Be Sensitive to blue-green color blindness; can
google for color pallettes.  Recent
gnuplot (4 and beyond?) has good color palettes for that.

* Steve, we have a replacement for cactuscode.org.  Current one is on
old system and full of stuff that no
one wants to maintain.  No one liked making it a sub-page off of ET. 
Ian Hinder built a version on GitHub
on Jekyll and has some things missing.  Need smaller, easier to maintain
website.  Yosef, if it is good enough
and make it live and let the complainers help fix it.  Steve, we should
tweak a couple of things:  there are a
bunch of tickets that talk about what are wrong with it.  Some issues to
fix to make it live.



* Unanswered Questions mailing list

o No one waiting for help.

* Open tickets sorted by update time

o Roland, #1717 from 2014, about libraries and automatic build which
does not pick them up.  Suggestion is
to build dynamically, but then harder for systems that need static
library building (Cray).  Proper solution is to
have the actual build stage of the libs return build variables. 

o #2448 remove the support_old_CalcTmunu_mechanism interface to Tmunu,
probably the only thing that is visible to people.

* Tickets ready for review

Any comments?

o Roland, a lot have existed for a while.  Tmunu mentioned above.  #2449
NewRad extrapolate the Gammas
(Christoffel) from data interior to the boundary, there is code that
grid has min size in all three Cartesian dimensions
but fails with Cartoon2D because it will not have that many points (one
interior)...because symmetry conditions. 
This should not do anything for a real run...you need five points.  Only
effects the extrapolation.

o Roland, #2458 Simfactory Done for the correct date.  These have a Pull
Request and need someone to review the Pull Request. 

oo Current "policy": More things up for review than people willing to
review them, typically if they are there for a
while, 2 weeks put in "any suggestions" marker and after another two
weeks tey are Pushed in the code.  Pure
enhancements are not treated this way.  They need real second pair of
eyes checking them out.

o Yosef, should we assign reviewers?  Roland, sure, I often give them to
Steve to look at.  A lot fo these are one
line change.  Bill will review #2458, Simfactory Done with time.  Steve,
#2389 make error messages better for
checkpoint files, this looks good to him.  Steve logged in to the Pull
Request and approved the changes.

* Working group reports

o Zach's IllinoisGRMHD WG update: IllinoisGRMHD is getting a more robust
conservative-to-primitives solver, more
along the lines of what HARM does.  Basically IllinoisGRMHD evolves the
entropy as an additional conservative variable,
and uses this new variable when the usual conservative-to-primitive
solver fails.  This adds robustness to modeling
highly magnetized, relativistic fluid flows.  We'd like to make this
update public in a month or so... everything is
implemented and we're debugging now.

o No other groups reporting.

* Other business

o Ken Sibel, post-bac researcher with Zach, and will be applying to grad
school for CS.  Did all the work on the early
version on NRPy LaTeX interpreter.  Next week may have latest bits in
place.  REady for testing/experimentation
in notebooks.  Insert LaTeX equations and will output symbolic
expressions for Mathematica and for Pythone etc.  Next
project is GPU support in NRPy.

o Atul, announcement of the virtual conference "Midwest Relativity
Meeting 2020"---is the 30th year, Oct 22-24, 2020.  Hosted
by Notre Dame.  Topics from grav physics, num rel, rel astrophysics,
cosmology.  Abstract submission is open.  Can I send
an email to the user list.

* People to run the call...

o Have next weeks volunteers.

o Sept 17th: chair Peter D,  minutes Steve

William Gabella
Research Assistant Professor
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN  USA

b.gabella at vanderbilt.edu
(o) 615-343-2713

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