[Users] Meeting Minutes 2020-09-10

Gracia Linares, Miguel mgracia at physics.gatech.edu
Thu Sep 10 11:04:19 CDT 2020

Present:  Peter D., Roland H., Miguel G., Zach E., Steve B., Alois S.,  Maria H., Bill G., Liu H.,Ken S., Yosef Z., Helvi W.

Chair: Zach E.
Minutes: Miguel G.

  *   ReadInterpolate code inclusion https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2416 [RH]

           Reviewed positively by Yosef Z., should be voted next week, Roland is still working on removing one redundant parameter.

  *   Con2Prim framework update: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2414 [RH]
     *   Work in progress, currently debugging, group will report once science setup is working (it is a better Con2Prim method for GRHydro and IllinoisGRMHD) It will not be included in the coming release but probably in the next.

              • Zach’s group is also working on a Con2Prim for Hybrid EOS like the one HARM code uses.

  *   NRPyPN will be reviewed by Peter D.  probably will not  be ready for the coming release but for the next.

  *   Status of new LaTeX interpreter for NRPy+ [ZE]

Zach gave a detailed tour of LaTeX interpreter<https://nbviewer.jupyter.org/github/zachetienne/nrpytutorial/blob/feature-parser/Tutorial-LaTeX_SymPy_Conversion.ipynb> mainly developed by Ken Sible.
The user injects pure LaTeX math expressions and gets SymPy expressions that could be used with NRPy to generate highly efficient C code. Tensor support, index rising, multiple expression, operators support (interprets covariant derivatives). NRPy notation but user can take control and override NRPy quantity definitions. Will be validated with BSSN expressions.

Next step GPU support.

  *   Release manager for November ET release [RH]

-The manager’s tasks include time line, find persons for the gallery examples, find open tickets critical to the release.

-Steve suggest to break the Release manager tasks into pieces to reduce the manager’s work load.

       -Maria, Zach and Yosef volunteered to help with the release tasks.

  *   Tickets ———

  *   LEAN code is looking for a reviewer.

  *   Red hat is extending support for python2 to 2024 - NRPy and NRPyPN will support it too.

  *   simfactory needs to be ported  to python 3 but might be good to wait until the majority of clusters use python3 as default.  Might be good idea to have support for the two version.

  *   Next minute taker and call chair:


Chair: Roland H.
Minute taker: Steven B.


Next week: Peter D.
Minute taker: Maria H

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