[Users] WG: Top for next weekly meeting

Schaffarczyk, Alois alois.schaffarczyk at fh-kiel.de
Mon Sep 14 08:44:31 CDT 2020

  *   3rd attempt --

Dear all,

My mail from Sept. 4

attached an improved plot (hopefully) obeying all recommendations from Sept-3:

  1.  Used color palette "virbis"
  2.  NR template mass scaling was adapted to value as stated in BBH gallery URL (0.95)

My mail from Sept. 3

This is our (Atul and me) wish:
Add the attached figure close to the trajectory.


  1.  Shows almost exact agreement to former ETK version,
  2.  Shows almost exact agreement to NR template,
  3.  Leads directly to the experiment it was designed for.

We ask for your kind consideration

Best wishes
Peter S, Kiel Germany

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