[Users] Meeting Minutes 2021-04-08

Steven Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Thu Apr 8 09:35:27 CDT 2021

Present: Roland, Steve, Peter, Bill, Ken Sible, Indrani Banerjee, 
Miguel, Atul, Erik, Zach, Maria

Chair: Peter

Notes: Steve

New machines added:
     deepbayou (db.hpc.lsu.edu)
     qb3 (qbc.loni.org)


Release update
     POWER will be added
     Please verify your favorite machines in simfactory
     LORAINE vs LORAINE2 is an ongoing discussion. Which will be the 
         Roland is putting together patches
     Roland started running testsuites and has uploaded the latest batch 
of results
     Maybe the hydro tests aren't the best?
     Please add tests to the testsuite. File names are 
machine__mpi_threads.txt. Results should be checked in to 

Mailing list:
User who can't login to the tutorial server was helped.


Peter looked at ticket 963 this week. Peter found that it affected 
performance dramatically. Test it out on the new McLachlan rewrite 
branch. The rewrite seems to not have the constraint damping terms. He 
suggests keeping the ticket open and considering putting these things 
into current master.

Roland says he will put POWER into the master thornlist. It's just a 
single file.

We have a cactus utilities repository that often refers to CVS, etc. 
Roland is cleaning up.

Ticket 2516, different results for different number of cores. Peter says 
we should not forget about this one.

Ken update on LaTex parser. BSSN tutorial notebook is finished.

     Parser was extracted from the root nrpy directory and will made 
availale through pip tomorrow.

     This should make it easier to use.

Next week:
     Chair: Roland
     Minute Taker: Bill

Two weeks:
     Chair: Bill
     Minute Taker: Atul

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