[Users] Grid structure inconsistency & errors in surface mask locations

Konrad Topolski k.topolski2 at student.uw.edu.pl
Mon Apr 19 13:46:55 CDT 2021

Thank you very much!

I have managed (using a much smaller and somewhat more detailed simulation)
to locate both initial horizons at least up to mass ratios around a factor
of 10,
which for now is sufficient for my learning purposes. In that regime, a
good and quick guess can be made with r(m)=m/2 -0.0215.

I had also made a very silly mistake in thinking that parameter par_b in
TwoPunctures sets the position of the m_plus mass exclusively (this is what
I incorrectly deduced from the TwoPunctures documentation), and the other
one is deduced from center-of-mass being 0.
This is of course not true.

In case any future users looked here for answers, for target masses of
about ~ m_plus=0.85, m_minus=0.15, I needed to go to 8 refinement levels,
where the [xmin,xmax] =[-9,9], dx=0.5.

A further question, if I may - what can I adjust in setting up parameters
to minimize the Hamiltonian constraint violation?
Best regards
Konrad Topolski
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