[Users] XSEDE's Expanse and failing tests

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Wed Aug 18 14:13:00 CDT 2021

Hello Miguel,

> I realized I was not comparing the same things. In fact, on Frontera I ran
> the
> tests with up to 2 MPI processes. When I restrict to 1/2 MPI processes,
> almost all tests pass on Expanse, so I guess that mine was a false alarm
> and everything is all right. I can upload the test results on the repo.
Oha. I seem to have misunderstood your question before. The repository
for the test results shown on




(as shown at the top of that page).

However that is only for the release ET version.

There is no repository for testsuite results of the development (trunk)

> I can add the code for detecting aocc, but I would leave everything else to
> someone that knows exactly what variables should be defined and how.
Having a pull request with what you have would greatly simplify anyone
else continuing from there since they would have a working staring

Did you already create a pull request and ticket for the simfactory
files needed to use Expanse?

Right now I see a pull request on


but no ticket on




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