[Users] meeting minutes for 2021-12-09

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Dec 9 09:52:15 CST 2021

Present: Roland, Steve, Yosef, Leo, Gabriele B, Peter D, Bill G

* ET release
** in the process of finally updating repositories
** TODO: move simfactory website repo to git
** TODO: fix https://www.simfactory.org
** all gallery examples are updated, BBH one may see some more changes
  as the instructions are updated
** code generation for NRPy+ and Kranc thorns should be done earlier
  (month early), Steve updated timeline
** TODO: Roland to try to build, Steve to try to build using fix in
** TODO: add Baikal generation to GitHub testing
** Roland mentioned that GitHub action has very generous times for
 academic users, has been running ET CI in GitHubi in parallel since

* BB at Home:
** Zach worked to get analysis to work with Cactus as library
** some more work to free memory after analysis, since BB at Home is
  memory constrained

ET website:
* link to kuibit or more modern code in visualization section on
  "Download" page of ET
* TODO: Gabriele to draft visualization page for ET website:
** kuibit
** VisIt
** no longer linked to to Cactus viz page
* could list to postprocessing and visualization wiki page as well:

open questions in mailing list:
* Roland will point
http://lists.einsteintoolkit.org/pipermail/users/2021-November/008312.html to ticket in trac
* Roland will respond to

Dec 16:
* chair: Steve
* minutes:  Bill G

Jan 6th:
* chair: Yosef
* minutes: Roland

No meetings until Jan 6th 2022.

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