[Users] Submitting a simulation via simfactory on a cluster

Konrad Topolski k.topolski2 at student.uw.edu.pl
Sun Jul 4 17:58:47 CDT 2021

Oh, I have found the problem.

It seems that in the process of modifying the script, I somehow mistyped
the --define N ... part.
Once I have changed it to the suggested value of 28 or any other sensible
number, it works.

Thanks a lot!

pon., 5 lip 2021 o 00:14 Roland Haas <rhaas at illinois.edu> napisaƂ(a):

> Hello Konrad,
> > This example is said to have been tested on 19-Nov-2020 - have there been
> > any changes since which made the parameter file obsolete, or should I
> start
> > troubleshooting my configuration?
> My guess is that you are attempting to run with (many) more MPI ranks
> than were used in the gallery example. You are triggering some sanity
> check that tries to check that here are actually more interior points
> than (symmetry) boundary points (ie the grid structure is sane).
> I would try reducing the number of MPI ranks (you can keep the same
> number of cores but will need to use more threads).
> The gallery example was run for this release (2021-05) as well but it
> seems the last tested date has not yet been updated.
> Yours,
> Roland
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