[Users] Fixed: toolkit compiles on Mac OS X Catalina

Murray Wolinsky mmwolinsky at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 23:00:56 CDT 2021

Hi All,

Sorry for the "spam," but some of you may be interested in the solution.
gcc 11.1.0_1 doesn't support range-based for statements, and consequently
is rejected as a C++ compiler by the configure tool. On Catalina, brew
won't upgrade 11.1 to a more recent version, so, since I don't care to try
to build it from scratch, the best option is to reinstall gcc 10. brew
install gcc at 10 installs 10.3, which works (after the optionlist file is
revised back to use gcc-10).

I don't know why the error with _ftiming was resolved by the change.

Yeesh. Now I can try to do something with the toolkit.

(Actually, it's still building and I may run into other errors, such as
link errors, but I think I know how to fix those if they show up.)

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