[Users] North American Einstein Toolkit summer school day 3 recap

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Thu Jul 29 00:16:21 CDT 2021

Hello all,

with day 3 of the school is over, we have reached the half-way point,
but are not slowing down yet.

AN even 100 participants attended Vassilios Mewes lecture on the GRMHD<
covering mathematical theory, as well as numerical methods and their
implementation the Einstein Toolkit's GRHydro code.

Looking beyond the codes in the Einstein Toolkit, Federico Cipolletta
presented on the Cactus based Spritz GRMHD code while Boris Daszuta
showcased design and performance of the Athenta++ code.

Lightning talks resumed today with 5 lightning talks being presented. Jay
Kalinani provided details on the conservative to primitive recovery
scheme used in Spritz, Dhruv Desai and Xinyu Li reported on neutrino
driven winds from neutron stars and neutrino flavor conversion in
accretion disk simulations using a modified GRHydro code. Atul Kedia
talked about binary neutron star simulations exploring new equations of
state for neutron star matter. Finally Alexandru Dima provided and
example of beyond-Einstein theories of gravity explored with the
Einstein Toolkit when reporting on his neutron star simulations ins
screened modified gravity.

All available recordings and slides are now uploaded to the respective
talk pages and collected in a YouTube playlist:


Please join us again tomorrow at 8:25 AM CDT via Zoom or via the YouTube
stream at:


for more interesting presentations, tutorials and lightning talks.

See the program


for upcoming presentations and tutorials.

the organizers

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