[Users] meeting minutes for 2021-05-13

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu May 13 10:02:14 CDT 2021

Present: Roland, Peter D., Maria, Atul, Ken, Leo, Miguel G., Bill G.,

Gallery examples:

* BBH: no update, no Steve
* TOV: Peter ran the example, will update the gallery page, failure
  with presync_mode = "mixed-errors" persists, will fix after release
* Multipatch: was run successfully, Bill working on visualization, ran
  fine with presync_enabled, will check that results are unchanged
  after feature freeze
* BNS: Atul ran into issues that svn.cct.lsu.edu for is no longer
  accessible (for NSTracker), happened in the last couple of weeks,
  tested right now with offline copy of NSTracker (80% run done). Need
  to find alternative location for NSTracker. Maria mentioned ability
  to run without NSTracker by using larger box. 3 options are possible:
  NSTracker, or WVUThorns/VolumeIntegrals (cannot handle symmetry), box
  big enough to cover full orbit of star. Could also advect a tracer at
  center of star, with ETTracer, and naive implementations have the
  same problem with symmetries. Would want to include instructions on
  how to relax symmetry in gallery parfile. Atul will try and see if he
  can modify the parfile to not use symmetry, may add code to
  VolumeIntegrals_GRMHD to handle z-symmetry. Example parfiles are in
* Poisson equation: worked with presync, no problems and results look
  the same as last time

* POWER: Roland adding some more features to handle cutoff frequency
  and ADM mass, still needs documentation

* tickets flagged as major:
** Lean, ignored for now,
** ExternalLibraries, has workaround, ticket has a suggested solution,
** TmunBase in McLachlan and presync, will look into after release,
** WVUThorns_Diagnostics documentation, Leo will look into this,
** different results on different number of cores, Atul may have seen a
  similar effect on some of his own simulations, Maria might have
  seen something similar that was fixed by changing some grid
  structures, will check
** only real blocker right now is POWER's incompleteness, where we want
  to emphasize at first release that it has undergone rigorous review
  and is useful, want to make sure that all gallery example ticket have
  been updated and still work


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