[Users] Meeting minutes for 2021-11-04

Leonardo Rosa Werneck wernecklr at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 11:11:01 CDT 2021

ETK weekly phone call - November 4, 2021

chair: Peter Diener
minutes: Leo Werneck

Present: Atul Kedia, BilalHameed awan, David Bradley, Helvi Witek,
         Leo Werneck, Maria Hamilton, Ratan Deshpande, Roland Haas,
         Steven Brandt, Peter Diener, Yosef Zlochower

Agenda items
* Next ETK release
  * November is here, need to know who will run all gallery examples.
    -> Roland will be in touch with Helvi and her students to learn who
       will run the BNS gallery example.
  * Feature freeze in a week.
  * Steve mentioned that it Would be nice to have a clear deadline for
    people interested in adding new thorns to add them to master. Roland
    pointed out that there might be one, but it is not enforced.
  * FLRW solver:
    -> Not tested yet.
    -> Not reviewed yet.
    -> Not in master (so not being regularly built).
    -> Depends on Python C library both at compilation and runtime.
    -> Should be included in next release.
  * RePrimAnd:
    -> Will be included, but not built by default.
    -> Roland made some suggestions to Wolfgang regarding documentation.
    -> Wolfgang would prefer HTML or links to the current online
    -> Roland will finish reviewing the code by next week.
  * kuibit:
    -> Yosef wants to discuss some of the documentation with Gabrielle.
    -> Yosef will finish reviewing the code by next week.
    -> Overall opinion is that the code should be included.
    -> The idea would be that the code repository would be checked out
       with the toolkit so that the user have access to the examples,
       but it should still be installed using pip.
  * Yosef suggested having a "minimal" build and a "full" build (which
    assumes all external libraries are installed). Steve pointed out
    that this was suggested before, but no one followed through. 
  * Gallery examples can start running, but keep in mind that they will
    need to be run again after the feature freeze.

* Unanswered questions on the mailing list
  * Steve says he's in touch with Hee Il Kim, but we haven't figured it out

* Open tickets
  * Roland says we need to find a solution for ticket #2571. The top ticket
    (#2572) will go away because the build failure is caused by an HDF5

* If there are any objections against having kuibit or RePrimAnd added
to the release, please voice your concerns through the mailing list.

* Maria asked if anyone tried to use the toolkit in the Pittsburgh
  Supercomputer Center Bridges II.
  -> Roland says: A while back, but no instructions on how to do it are
  currently available. We plan on having instructions on how to add new
  clusters. Maybe I can have one ready in 1-2 weeks.

* Next week's meeting is canceled due to the Midwest Relativity Meeting.

* Next meeting: Nov. 18. Chair: Roland Haas. Minutes: Atul Kedia.


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