[Users] Meeting minutes for 2021-11-18

Atul Kedia akedia at nd.edu
Thu Nov 18 10:29:54 CST 2021

Present: Yosef Z, Peter D, Roland H, Bill G, Indrani Banerjee, Gabriele
B, Leo W, Ratan Deshpande, Maria BH, Zach E, Atul K

Chair: Roland, Minutes: Atul

Roland: Anything pre-agenda.. None

* presentation topics: Einstein Toolkit Seminar Proposals
Additionally Fuka ID by Samuel Tootle.

* midwest relativity meeting 2021 recap [RH, ZE]
Leo.. Simpy code. Similar to numpy, Cpy package.
Roland: Codes up Einstein notations.
Leo: Uses Einstein notations, but uses simpy’s tensors, which is known
to be buggy. It is a C code so isn’t going to be as fast.

Gabriele: Meeting worked better for in-person as most attendees were in
person. Benefits of online was to attend to only ones interested.

* ET website accessibility automated report
https://fae.disability.illinois.edu/summary/17d2ffcd5b2a064e/rc/ [RH]
A tool that tests the accessibility of a website for people with
Number of violations (10) are not that bad.
Understanding the violations may take some more evaluations.

* create "community contributed" section of website or wiki (must be
easier to edit than right now) [BG]
Adding to wikipage? Is tricky. Some other way to maintain these with
less barrier would be better.
Wolfgang: Not currently doing for RePriMand
Leo: NRPy, the new contributor’s name goes into the NRPy page.
Kuibit: Github pull request.. Gabriele reviews it and then approves.
Roland: News item, where it people add their new work’s description
(text and image, parfile etc. and reviewed)
Bill will keep it in his todo list and bring it up again in the future.

* next [https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Release_Process ET
release] [SB, YZ, RH]
Name: Johnson
Steve attending Supercomputing conference.
* delay by 1 week to avoid thanksgiving holiday. Will be released in
first week of December.

** status update on include candidates:
Commits for the final review.. Added to the ticket.
Some mostly non-issues, some minor changes.. Everything went into the
development repo (not public).
G and some other constants left for the user to specify.

Not addressed comments about numbers being wrong without giving the
offset value. Risk of breaking other things.

Roland: Finished the review. Code is in Excellent state! RePriMand has
been added to the thornlist.

Postponed to next release.

Yosef: Well documented.. Maybe adding more examples by different users.

Gabriele: Fixed a minor issue about h5py. GB added examples, about 20,
himself. Kuibit scripts could be used for gallery examples, GB could
help the testers. Documentation is going to be version wise and ET is
going to be linking each version wise.
All: Great shape and will be added to ET.

** testsuite status:
Roland started running them a couple of weeks ago.
Systems are being tested by Steve, Roland, Gabriele.. Some systems are
not being run asther are being replaced by newer machines.

Wolfgang: Adding a standard unit test to the test-suite?
Roland: Test-suite runs a parfile and looks at the output.
Wolfgang: Asking due to the dependency on Boost.
Roland: Adding a new parfile and then checking the output ascii. Would
be doable. Could be added as a summer project.

Gabriele: Always have to switch between openmp, or mpi. Is there an
easier way to set that up, and benchmark?
Roland: could maybe run BBH in some test suite systems and regression
test in the compute time.
Wolfgang: Parameter space is probably too big.
All: But standardization could be useful. Will revisit this proposal

** gallery runs
Ran it halfway, and ongoing.
Tested completely.

Close to running it. Trying on a new AMD-Epyc cluster in stockholm.
Compilation succeeded today. Could also add it to the test suite by
running the tests par. May be able to use kuibit.

Poisson] [MG]
Ran the simulation, will update the website and ticket soon.

scalar wave] [BG]
Ran it today, plots looking good. Need to update website/ticket. Maybe
use kuibit, if time permits.

[https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered
question on mailing list]
Not updated: Hee Il Kim’s question.

open tickets sorted by update time]
Issue #2497.
IllinoisGRMHD schedules the conservative-to-primitive methods in the
group AddToTmunu, which is not added if stress_energy_at_RHS is set to
Leo and Zach will discuss.

Will be good to add a read-write statement.

tickets ready for review]
Not much new. Reviewers needed.

Future chairs and minute takers:
2 Dec: Chair : Yosef, Minutes: Bill
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