[Users] unequal mass binaries with PRThorns GRHydro

Hamilton, Maria babiuc at marshall.edu
Thu Sep 23 08:52:29 CDT 2021


I have an error when simulating unequal mass binaries with  PRThorns GRHydro for certain combinations of EOS and mass ratios.

Using the same parameter file for an equal mass binary case, seems to work with various EOSs, and for certain EOSs, even for unequal mass.

Any inkling of why this might happen? I tried with both ppm and weno recon_method, and with higher refinement.
What do you think would help?


WARNING level 1 from host compute-14.marshall.local process 16
  while executing schedule bin CCTK_POSTSTEP, routine GRHydro::check_GRHydro_C2P_failed
  in thorn GRHydro, file GRHydro_Con2Prim.F90:1781:
  -> ; stopping the code.

Maria C. Babiuc Hamilton, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Physics
College of Science, Marshall University,
1 John Marshall Drive, Huntington, WV, 25755
Room S 257, Phone: (304)696-2754

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