[Users] Meeting minutes 2022-04-28

Bruno Giacomazzo bruno.giacomazzo at unimib.it
Thu Apr 28 09:55:11 CDT 2022

Present: Steven Brandt, Peter Diener, Roland Haas, Miguel. G. Linares,
Beyhan, Bruno Giacomazzo, Leo R. Werneck, Erik Schnetter, Yosef E.
Zlochower, Zach Etienne.

Chair: Peter D.
Minutes: Bruno G.

1) Next  ET release
Yosef: no particular update. In a few days we need to see the gallery
example complete and test the docker images. We are on schedule anyway.
Steve: I will take care of the docker images. And will take care of finding
a volunteer for the BBH example.
Pieter: running testsuites on a machine in Stockholm on which I have access.
Steve: current version of testsuites will run also the testsuites requiring
one core (and not only the ones requiring two cores) if one selects two
Roland: no change in the testsuite status. Some changes to SuperMUC. And
some problems on Expanse.
Bruno: for the next release I will provide simfactory files for Marconi A3
and Galileo 100.

2) ET summer school at Idaho
Zach: sent a final reminder for the registration deadline. Those that did
not ask for financial support should pay the conference fee by the end of
this week. We will have a final response for the requests of financial
supports by the middle of next week. Next week we will have a meeting to
discuss the program and talks. Got also a request to discuss about a
standard data format to be used to share results (e.g., GW data). More than
100 people registered, about 30 will be in person.

3) SPEC benchmark contribution
Steve: no update
Erik: I or Steve could give a tutorial on how to use SPEC
Steve: We will have this tutorial in these meeting slots and announce it in
the mailing list.
Peter: It may be on May 5th.
Steve: I cannot on 5th
Erik: Let's move to the following week (May 12)
Peter: OK, let's plan for May 12

4) CarpetX videos/demos
Steve: It would be nice to have some CarpetX videos/demos for a booth we
are organizing for a HPC conference. Demos running on a single PC would be
nice, so that it can run in local without requiring internet connection.

5) Unanswered questions on mailing list
- email about "reduction operation in CarpetIOScalar"
Erik will answer to this.

- email about "Segmentation Fault with CarpetReduce"
Bruno will ask about backtrace file or running it in a debugger to check
where the segmentation fault is coming from.

6) Open tickets
#963 Peter will have a look at this

#2602 Peter should be done with the review within a week. It could go into
the November release.

#1568 Zach is reporting that Formaline seems to have problems on some
systems. A bug reported specific to it should be submitted (Bernard Kelly
reported some problems).

#2256 Peter points out that this ticket is from 2019 (it is about moving
the wiki to bitbucket). Roland created the ticket and it seems to be
assigned to Steve, but he was not involved in this. Roland thinks we should
do something about that.

#2206 Also this ticket is quite old (set LORENE 2 as default). Bruno points
out that we may want to include the Kadath thorns inside the Einstein
Toolkit (https://bitbucket.org/fukaws/).

7) Open Issues
#2364 Roland is going to take care of this
#332 Roland points out that this is very old

8) Other

9) Next calls

May 5
Chair: Beyhan
Minutes: Leo R. Werneck

May 12
Chair: Erik
Minutes: ???

May 19
Chair: ???
Minutes: Miguel G. Linares
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