[Users] Meeting minutes for 2022-02-10

Atul Kedia asksma at rit.edu
Thu Feb 10 10:34:49 CST 2022

Date: 10/Feb/2022
Present:Peter D, Maria B-H, Roland H, Bill G, Atul K, Yosef Z,
Miguel G, Leo W, Gabriele B, Steve B, Zach E

Chair: Peter D, Minutes: Atul K

Any discussion before the agenda:

BG’s Question: Should clone the bitbucket?.. Make a branch or fork.

* SPEC benchmark contribution [https:
//bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2470 task] [RH, SB]
SB: Got response from them.. Want to verify results somehow.. Need
to make a movie of output results. Gauge wave test. Progress!!

* Release planning [YZ, RH]
RH: Should start making a list of new inclusions.

GB: New parfiles could be added to the gallery.

YZ: FLRW solver status?
RH: Need to ping them for status update.

[https://www.einsteintoolkit.org/tools/unanswered.php unanswered
question on mailing list] /

updated_on open tickets sorted by update time] /

#2592: TOV_ET tutorial Segfaults when running in Windows 10 WSL :
Resolved perhaps? Steve received a derect email saying so.

#2499: New machine thornyflat at WVU :
MBH Some paths in simfactory are not correct.
Contacted RH and ES for suggestions.

#2554: init_3_timelevels produces nans on past timelevels of the
initial slice
YZ : Solution works so far. Checking NaNs don't show up in cce files

RH: Will be included in this new release, maybe missing

GB: Intel compilation issue, takes a lot of time for the latest version
of the compiler. Will open a ticket.

updated_on&q=Please%20review tickets ready for review]

#963: Improve McLachlan accuracy
PD: No update.

#2364: avoid opening and closing HDF5 files multiple times during
RH: Wants to redo it nicely from start. Got suggestions from Erik

#2254: let Cactus thorns register citation requests at runtime
Beyhan K is working on this ticket.

PD: Question about Kuibit: GW, Psi4 works fine. Integrated E and
ThornExtract is not supported. Will try to add support with help from

Future call chairs and minute takers:
17th Feb: Chair: Yosef, Minutes: Miguel
24th Feb: Chair: Steve, Minutes: Bill

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