[Users] Meeting minutes 2022-02-17

Miguel Gracia mgracia at austin.utexas.edu
Thu Feb 17 09:48:00 CST 2022

Present: Roland H., Miguel G., Yosef Z., Atul K., Peter D., Leonardo W., Gabriele B., Zach E. , Maria H., Bill G.

  *   Chair: Yosef Z.
  *   Minutes: Miguel G.

  *   Next ET Release [YZ, RH]

-Yosef has no updates on the release, Roland suggested to take a look on the release manager task list and start the process.
-Heard back from FLRWSolver main developers, they are still interested in getting the code in, will get back if they have questions.
-Next release will be at the end of May.  This to avoid conflicts with the ET meeting at Idaho.

  *   EU ET meeting website<https://sites.google.com/view/eetm2022/home>, hyperspace announce<https://hyperspace.uni-frankfurt.de/2022/02/10/european-einstein-toolkit-meeting-dublin-ireland/>

           August 29th-September 2nd in Dublin Ireland. Roland will send an announcement email to users list.

• US ET meeting

    Host by U. Idaho. Zach will release more details about it soon.

  *   SPEC benchmark contribution [SB, RH].

  Heard back from organizers, responded and sent them the data they were asking for. Now at Spec people’s hands.

  *   Unanswered question on mailing list:

Jay Kalinani’s question will be soon answered by Roland.

  *   Open tickets

          #2595 Modern intel compilers struggle to compile McLachlan (long build times)
See  ticket <https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2595/modern-intel-compilers-struggle-to-compile>  for discussion.

  *   Tickets ready to review

    not  major updates on tickets.
          #2554 Yosef will work on it.
          #2364 Roland is working on it.
          #963 no updates by Peter.

  *   Other questions:

Bill worked in his hackathon ticket and will push changes to repo soon.

Zach and his group found a memory bug in TwoPunctures thorn. A fixed version was pushed by Zach.

Next calls:

Chair: Steve
Minutes: Bill

Chair: Leo
Minutes: Roland

end of the call

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