[Users] meeting minutes for 2022-01-06

Haas, Roland rhaas at illinois.edu
Thu Jan 6 12:30:16 CST 2022

Present: Roland H, Yosef Z, Miguel G, Steve B, Federico A, Leo W

* SPEC benchmark contribution [SB, RH]
Steve contact SPEC group
Cactus is still in the running, they were able to run the test
Seem on track or inclusion

* LORENE2 as default LORENE thorn in ET [RH]
Roland will change to LORENE2 now that Johnson release is out

* Issues regeneration kranc thorns
Steve was unable to regenerate Kranc thorns using multiple version of
MMA. Similarly for NRPy+ based thorn.
Roland could generate code one release past using MMA 12 and a bugfix
in Kranc's repo:


Zach redid how codes are expected to be build in NRPy and added a nicer
build system. Checked that core kernel code is identical, with some
lines changing to different files. 
At this point this is an update to nrpytutorial. Should be reviewed as
a patch to Baikal. Steve will take a look.

* thorn to include in next release (May 2022, 4 months from now)
** FLRWSolver
find extra volunteer to help review
find extra volunteer to help address issues
add again next week

* ET bug squashing call [BG, RH]
add again next week
had planned to do so a bit in the past
Steve will look at possible easy tickets for people to handle

* ET EU workshop
were contacted by organizers, might be late August - early September,
trying to avoid overlap with workshops in the US
US school will likely be June 6th 2022
NR community workshop August 1st 2022

Unanswered questions:

Roland to respond to

Open tickets
Yosef will take a look and see if the proposed fix works for him
Yosef approves, Roland will apply

chair next week (Jan 13th): Steve
minute taker: Yosef Z


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