[Users] Meeting Minutes 2022-01-27

Miguel Gracia mgracia at austin.utexas.edu
Thu Jan 27 10:31:27 CST 2022

Present: Roland H., Miguel G.,  Maria H.,  Peter D. , Steven B.,  Leonardo W., Gabriele B., Zach E.

  *   Chair: Maria BH.
  *   Minutes: Miguel G.

  *   Next ET Release [YZ, RH]

Next release will be in May 2022, no updates for now.

  *   ET hackathon

Feb. 2 is the virtual hackathon, will be a full day 11:00am - TBD .  The idea is to have a big fixing bug session.

Steve suggested gitter channel to discuss during the hackathon session.
          the link to the ETK gitter is https://gitter.im/EinsteinToolkit/EinsteinToolkit

Tickets are marked as potential candidates for the hackahton.
Roland has created a zoom link, and he will announce ASAP.

  *   ET presentation series

Roland contacted the person who made a ET developer survey in 2017. The author cannot give the seminar but he provided material.

Roland will give in three weeks the seminar “Simfactory cluster setup”

The list of  potential seminar can be found here https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Einstein_Toolkit_Seminar_Proposals

  *   Unanswered question on mailing list:

Everything is answered.

  *   Open tickets

Gabriele is working on integrating the kuibuit to the tutorial server

Gabriele is also working in a new visualization section in the website, constructive suggestions are welcome.

  *   Tickets ready to review

  Some of the open tickets are going to be review during the hackathon.

  *   Other questions:

Zach mentioned that the download size of the toolkit is inconveniently large due to the .git and .svn directories. Including this directories is ideal for developers that need all history and all commits but not for users that have no intentions to modify any of the code.
He is suggesting to add a third download option using a GitHub repository that doesn’t include .git and .svn registry . Steve suggest to have in this repo all the past releases.

Maria suggested that one can also provide the user with a leaner version of einsteintoolkit.th<http://einsteintoolkit.th> which does not include the tests and data files.

Roland : The ratio is about 700MB for the pure code vs 1.6GB including .git and .svn directories. Copied configs dir is about 1.8GB though so about as much as all the git checkouts.

The discussion will continue next week

Next call:
Feb  3rd
Chair:  Roland
Minutes:  Maria

end of the call

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