[Users] Meeting minutes for 2022-03-17

Atul Kedia asksma at rit.edu
Thu Mar 17 09:43:50 CDT 2022

Present: Roland, Peter, Yosef, Leo, Atul

Chair: Peter, Minutes: Atul

ET release:

Gallery: Binary Black Hole example
tester needed. If interested in volunteering, please
email or call into a weekly meeting.

SelfForce Code: Samuel Cupp has things for Regge-Wheeler-Zerilli Eq. on
SelfForce code. Will be preparing a pull request. Peter would likely be
the reviewer. To be added to the Release Details.

Roland : FLRW solver to be tried on a few machines.

unanswered question on mailing list] /None

updated_on open tickets sorted by update time] /

#963: Improve McLachlan accuracy : No update

#? : Init3 time level : No update?

#1568: Reduce overhead of Formaline

Fomarline takes too long. Linker issues.

#2594: auto-update of ET documentation no longer worksRH: The ET
documentation on the website used to auto-generate every day with
Jenkins. But it doesn't do that anymore. A summer student would be
assigned to work on GitHub actions to fix this.

updated_on&q=Please%20review tickets ready for review]

#2518: retire BlueGene/Q support in thorn vectorsMachines no longer
exist. Need to remove two thorns that were needed to support them.

Future calls:
24 March:
* chair: Yosef , * minutes: Miguel
31 March:
* chair: Roland , * minutes: Leo
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