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Garrison, David Garrison at uhcl.edu
Thu May 5 12:47:38 CDT 2022

I’ve tried building from scratch several times using the real clean option between builds.  This is happening on 2 different computers and has been going on for weeks.

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On May 5, 2022, at 12:45 PM, Erik Schnetter <schnetter at gmail.com<mailto:schnetter at gmail.com>> wrote:


Superficially, this looks as if a file was miscompiled. This might
happen if you interrupt a build, and an incomplete object file is left
over. The next build might not detect this.

Starting a new build from scratch would then resolve this.


On Wed, May 4, 2022 at 4:35 PM Garrison, David <Garrison at uhcl.edu<mailto:Garrison at uhcl.edu>> wrote:


I keep getting the errors below when I try to compile my ETK code on my M1 Macs. Any ideas on how to correct this?

Updating /Users/garrison/Applications/Cactus/configs/specgrmhd/lib/libthorn_CactusBindings.a
Creating cactus_specgrmhd in /Users/garrison/Applications/Cactus/exe from CactusBase/Boundary CactusBase/CartGrid3D CactusBase/CoordBase CactusBase/Fortran CactusBase/IOASCII CactusBase/IOBasic CactusBase/IOUtil CactusBase/InitBase CactusNumerical/InterpToArray CactusNumerical/LocalInterp2 CactusNumerical/LocalReduce SpecCosmo/MHD_Analysis SpecCosmo/MHD_INIT ExternalLibraries/MPI SpecCosmo/MoL CactusUtils/NaNChecker CactusUtils/Nice CactusNumerical/Noise CactusNumerical/Norms CactusPUGH/PUGH CactusPUGH/PUGHInterp CactusPUGH/PUGHReduce CactusPUGH/PUGHSlab CactusNumerical/Periodic CactusNumerical/Slab SpecCosmo/SpecGRMHD CactusBase/SymBase CactusUtils/SystemStatistics CactusBase/Time CactusUtils/TimerReport CactusUtils/Vectors ExternalLibraries/zlib
Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
"_analysis1_", referenced from:
_CCTKi_BindingsSchedule_MHD_Analysis in ScheduleMHD_Analysis.c.o
"_analysis2_", referenced from:
_CCTKi_BindingsSchedule_MHD_Analysis in ScheduleMHD_Analysis.c.o
"_analysis3_", referenced from:
_CCTKi_BindingsSchedule_MHD_Analysis in ScheduleMHD_Analysis.c.o
"_analysis4_", referenced from:
_CCTKi_BindingsSchedule_MHD_Analysis in ScheduleMHD_Analysis.c.o
"_checkfortranparameters_", referenced from:
_CCTKi_BindingsSchedule_Fortran in ScheduleFortran.c.o
"_grmhd_initial_", referenced from:
_CCTKi_BindingsSchedule_MHD_INIT in ScheduleMHD_INIT.c.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture arm64
clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
make[2]: *** [/Users/garrison/Applications/Cactus/exe/cactus_specgrmhd] Error 1
make[1]: *** [specgrmhd] Error 2
make: *** [specgrmhd-rebuild] Error 2


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