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Wed Sep 7 10:08:59 CDT 2016

2 new commits in EinsteinEvolve:

Changeset:   33f76345e5dc
Branch:      None
User:        rdepietri
Date:        2016-09-01 15:30:31+00:00
Summary:         Modification intruduced for the paper:
       Phys. Rev. D93, 064047 (2016), arXiv:1509.08804

Affected #:  4 files

Changeset:   2e4e9117d67d
Branch:      PARMA
User:        Roberto De Pietri
Date:        2016-09-05 17:55:22+00:00
Summary:       Set default no to use cxx code for compatibility with the
  testsuite that requires ENO

Affected #:  1 file

Repository URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/einsteinevolve/


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