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Fri Sep 30 08:14:25 CDT 2016

User: barry.wardell
Date: 2016/09/30 08:14 AM


 GW150914: clarify that the allocation should be defined during simfactory setup

File Changes:

Directory: /about/gallery/gw150914/

File [modified]: compile_and_run.php
Delta lines: +2 -0
--- about/gallery/gw150914/compile_and_run.php	2016-09-30 13:04:39 UTC (rev 1638)
+++ about/gallery/gw150914/compile_and_run.php	2016-09-30 13:14:25 UTC (rev 1639)
@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@
       SimFactory supports, run
       <pre>simfactory/bin/sim setup</pre>
       Hit enter for each question if the default is OK.
+      If you intend to run on a cluster that requires an
+      allocation, make sure to configure this during setup.
     <li>If you are not using a cluster supported by SimFactory, see
       <a href="https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Compiling_the_Einstein_Toolkit">Compiling

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