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#757: rsync ignores .rsync.rules files in the Cactus ROOT directory
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Comment (by rhaas):

 As far as I can tell they would not be part of thorns. They come about
 because filter.rules contains a like "{{{: .rsync.rules}}}" which
 apparently that rsync will merge in such a file in any directory is syncs
 (section PER-DIRECTORY FILTERS in rsync's manual, similar to what the -F
 option does). I believe (but the other of filter.rules would have to
 confirm) that these files are intended to serve the same purpose as
 filter.local.rules ie. to give the user the option to modify rsync's
 filter rules without having to modify version controlled files. I believe
 that rsync looks for such files in any directory it encounters. I fully
 agree that (at least having the option of) having all rules in a single
 file is desirable. Per directory files can be convenient of one eg. wants
 to exclude only tests in certain thorn (eg. because it contains large hdf5
 data files) since these per-directory rules are automatically anchored in
 the containing directory. I don't really have a strong preference for one
 or the other and really only wanted to point out that right now there are
 two similar but not identical ways to have "local" filter rules.

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