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#760: option --submitscript: unclear behaviour with wrong settings
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 If one enter the name of a directory instead of a dataset after the option
 --submitscript, simfactory seems to use the default submitscript, without
 telling the user about that. The simulations sub-directory SIMFACTORY/run
 contains in this case the default submitscript of the configuration.
 However looking into the simulations sub-directory output-0000/SIMFACTORY
 one find an EMPTY submitscript, no runscript is available.

 In case of having a filename to a non existent file after ---submitscript,
 simfactory is really using the default submit script; the default submit
 script can be found in the simulations sub-directory
 output-0000/SIMFACTORY. Again the user is not informed about the usage of
 the default.

 Because of the behaviour with the directory name I am giving this error
 the priority major.

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