[Users] Completing GetComponents' transition to GitHub

Eric Seidel eric at eseidel.org
Thu Dec 2 09:35:54 CST 2010

Frank Loeffler wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 02, 2010 at 08:25:12AM -0500, Erik Schnetter wrote:
>> I think GetComponents
>> should be handled in the same way, and would omit the symlink.
> I wouldn't know how to do that without just coping GetComponents and not
> having it in a repository.
As Frank said, this would not be possible with the way GetComponents 
handles git repositories. We would have to symlink GetComponents (or a 
"CRL" directory). I'm not particularly happy with the way this is 
handled by GetComponents, and I've been thinking about modifying the 
behavior to place the actual repo in !TARGET unless something is 
specified in !CHECKOUT, but that is another discussion...

>> What
>> may be a good idea is to introduce a "bin" directory in the Cactus
>> source tree and put copies/links of all the tools there.
> I agree with that. It would be kind of strange to have both bin/ and exe/
> (I don't like the name exe/ so much anyway), but I think we could live
> with that.
I like the "bin" directory idea too.
>> Who has write permission to the github repository? It is always good
>> if one or two external people (i.e. Einstein Toolkit maintainers that
>> are not the main tool developers) have write permission as well in
>> cases of emergency.
> I think I should have, but never tried. Eric should probably also give
> you, and a couple of other maintainers access - but I guess he needs to
> know your github id for that.
Both Frank and Erik should have write access to GetComponents on GitHub.
>>> 2. Deleting the svn version of GetComponents in utils/Scripts.
> I would not delete it. At the very least I would replace it with a
> script which prints a message pointing to the new location.
This is a good idea.

As to Erik's suggestion of placing everything in a single "CRL" 
directory, that would actually be a more sensible name for the git 
repository. It also holds my experimental generateCRL script, which 
generates a component list based on the items you have checked out (only 
works with cvs and svn so far). I don't know if GitHub allows you to 
change the name of your repository, but I might change it if they do.

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