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Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Fri Dec 3 15:08:10 CST 2010


This is a question about our bug tracking system. In this system we can
define components against which people can then file issues. This helps
to categorize the bug reports and to automatically assign bugs to people
(component owners). At the moment only a few components are defined,
e.g. simfactory, the ET websites, GetComponents, Carpet or trac itself. In
the extreme case we could have one trac component for each ET component,
e.g. each thorn or other utility. However, I think that this would not
be so useful. This list would be really long and some issues would still
not fit into that.

I propose to group components within the Cactus framework mainly by
arrangement, but not making that an absolute rule. We would assign
maintainers to each of the arrangement. That would of course not
mean that they would be (the only people) responsible to actually
fix those problems, but merely taking care that the issues have proper
owners and are not forgotten.

What are the opinions about this?


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