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Ian Hinder ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de
Fri Dec 3 16:48:03 CST 2010

On 3 Dec 2010, at 22:08, Frank Loeffler wrote:

> Hi,
> This is a question about our bug tracking system. In this system we can
> define components against which people can then file issues. This helps
> to categorize the bug reports and to automatically assign bugs to people
> (component owners). At the moment only a few components are defined,
> e.g. simfactory, the ET websites, GetComponents, Carpet or trac itself. In
> the extreme case we could have one trac component for each ET component,
> e.g. each thorn or other utility. However, I think that this would not
> be so useful. This list would be really long and some issues would still
> not fit into that.
> I propose to group components within the Cactus framework mainly by
> arrangement, but not making that an absolute rule. We would assign
> maintainers to each of the arrangement. That would of course not
> mean that they would be (the only people) responsible to actually
> fix those problems, but merely taking care that the issues have proper
> owners and are not forgotten.
> What are the opinions about this?

Since we introduced the TRAC system, there have not been a large number of bug reports against thorns - most of the issues have been related to simfactory, the website, Cactus, Carpet, GetComponents etc.  I propose adding one new component: "Einstein Toolkit Thorns", which would be used for any issue relating to an ET thorns. 

Ian Hinder
ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de

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