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Frank Loeffler knarrff at gmail.com
Sun Dec 12 23:11:35 CST 2010


This is a reminder about our usual Monday Einstein Toolkit phone call.
As usual, you can find instructions how to join on the following web
site:   http://einsteintoolkit.org/info/support/

Let's make this the last Einstein Toolkit call before Christmas, and
thus within 2010. The next call after tomorrow will be January 10th, at
10am US central time.

We should discuss what is foreseen to be happening within the toolkit
over the holidays, especially for the development in GRHydro, but also
on other aspects.

Another issue I would discuss rather sooner than later is how we can
keep track of publications which used the toolkit. This will be
extremely important for the project reports. Waiting with this longer
will only make it harder in the end. I would welcome ideas on how to
keep a consistent and up-to-date database of publications. My personal
expectation would be that this could be a bibtex file in some
repository. But even then, a few more political/taste than technical
issues remain, with the most often discussed being: how to choose keys
for entries, how to (double?) cite arXiv and journal locations, as
well as how to (or not to) include urls.
It would be interesting to hear in this context how the different groups
handle bibtex databases, especially when using multiple files from
different sources.

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