[Users] [ET Trac] [Einstein Toolkit] #100: ExternalLibraries/HDF5/HDF5.sh fails to catch a missing library file in user implementation

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Dec 13 09:01:40 CST 2010

Hello all,

>  following:
>  make sim options=optionsfile VARIABLE=OVERRIDE
>  and thus override the setting for VARIABLE that may exist in
>  "optionsfile".
>  We may want to change this (and I think we should); however, there is
Should this really be changed? I find myself doing
make sim options=optionsfile SILENT=NO
occasionally when the make process fails for some odd reason (actually I 
would sometimes prefer if I could do more with this mechanism, eg. also 
OPTIMISE=NO when debugging). So if the possibility of doing 
VARIABLE=OVERRIDE on the command line is related to preferring 
environment variables over options file options then (at least for me) 
the current behaviour is the more useful one.


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