[Users] Meeting minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Dec 13 12:22:37 CST 2010

Meeting minutes:

Present were: Frank, Roland, Tanja,  Bruno, Christian, Peter, Erik, Josh

- planned work over the break:
* MHD, EOS (testing, debugging)
* beginning of next year: remove EOS_General from GRHydro

- HDF5 (Fortran interface):
* currently only used by EOS_Omni
* rewrite read-routines in EOS Omni in C to avoid need for Fortran 
interface if the Fortran interface is a pain to use for people (do we 
still want to do this?)
* make sure building HDF5 works on all machines (see next item)

- env-variables vs. options files vs. command line options
* add option ignore-environment to make command to prefer options files 
options over env variables

- publication list:
* use same format as for requested publications (SPIRES key, bibtex)

- create webpage/file to keep track of major changes in between releases 
(a changelog)

- ET paper:
* describe both infrastructure and physics thorns (and a physics example?)
* make it a comprehensive paper to serve as a reference in the future
* propose to publish in "Computantional Science and Discovery" (by IOP)
* physics modules: MacLachlan, GRHydro, TwoPunctures, AHFinderDirect, 
Isolated Horizon thonrs (QLM?), ...
* infrastructure thorns: Carpet, ...
* glue modules: ADMBase, HydroBase, ...
* need to come up with a list of key components, contact authors of 
modules to ask them to write a section
* decide on author list arrangements: non-alphabetic main-authors first 
(writing paper, major contributors), then everyone else
* will have PI call for this (in part. authors)

- next phone call: Jan 10th unless there is need for an earlier one 
which would be on Jan 3rd


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