[Users] [Patch] allow direct calls to the Periodic thorn back-bone

David Radice david.radice at aei.mpg.de
Fri Dec 17 05:16:47 CST 2010

Dear Einstein Toolkit users,

some time ago I wrote a patch to allow external thorns to perform direct
calls to the low-level Periodic API, as I needed to apply periodic
conditions only on selected grid variables.

I proposed this patch to Erik, who suggested to implement some
improvements and to discuss it on the mailing list. After having
implemented his suggestions, somehow I forgot to post the patch also

The way in which it works is by simply moving the "logic" (handling of
errors and parameters) into Periodic_ApplyBC to make BndPeriodicVI
"thorn agnostic".


David Radice
Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics
Albert Einstein Institute
Am Muehlenberg 1
D-14476 Potsdam

Tel    : +49 331 567 7242
Fax    : +49 331 567 7499
Room   : 1.64
E-Mail : david.radice at aei.mpg.de 

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