[Users] GRHydro: NaN checks

Christian D. Ott cott at tapir.caltech.edu
Sun Jul 18 14:04:58 CDT 2010

Hi Bruno,

On Sun, Jul 18, 2010 at 02:56:49PM -0400, Bruno C. Mundim wrote:

> I think it is important to set up a nan mask first to help visualizing
> where c2p is failing for example. Once we have that set up then we could
> erase these nan checks or let them there only when compiler debugging
> flags are passed. In any case, maybe you could post here the performance
> difference results you found and the patch you are proposing.

the GF GRHydro_C2P_failed does precisely (I think) what you describe.
This is unrelated to the NaN checks that I would like to remove.

 - Christian 

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