[Users] MPI problem on Mac OS X

Babiuc-Hamilton, Maria babiuc at marshall.edu
Tue May 22 14:05:29 CDT 2012


I reinstalled openmpi on Mac OSX because of a broken dyld link, I was able to configure cactus, but at the end of compilation I get:
ndefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
  "MPI::Win::Set_errhandler(MPI::Errhandler const&)", referenced from:
      vtable for MPI::Win in libthorn_Carpet.a(helpers.cc.o)
      vtable for MPI::Win in libthorn_Carpet.a(ScheduleWrapper.cc.o)
      vtable for MPI::Win in libthorn_CarpetIOHDF5.a(CarpetIOHDF5.cc.o)
      vtable for MPI::Win in libthorn_CarpetInterp.a(interp.cc.o)
      vtable for MPI::Win in libthorn_CarpetInterp2.a(interp2.cc.o)
      vtable for MPI::Win in libthorn_CarpetRegrid.a(regrid.cc.o)
      vtable for MPI::Win in libthorn_CarpetRegrid2.a(regrid.cc.o)
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

I think this is an easy fix, but I don't remember what do I have to do?

My MPI related config log is:
  Setting MPI to 'OpenMPI'
  Setting OPENMPI_DIR to '/usr/local'
  Setting MPI_LIBS to 'mpi'
Configuring with MPI
  OpenMPI selected
  Using " /usr/local/include/openmpi/" as OpenMPI include path
  Using no explicit OpenMPI library path


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