[Users] meeting minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon May 28 12:04:08 CDT 2012

Present were: Frank, Philipp, Ian, Erik, Peter, Christian Ott, Josh,
Bruno, Roland

ET release:
* there were still open tickets in review state. Decision made:
** will make timelevels parameters steerable
** will hold GetComponents changes since only "unusual" thorn lists
trigger the bug
** slope limiters: leave as they are for the release
** hold patch to handle optional dependencies since it does not affect
the distributed thorn lists
** all tickets cleared out now
* please look at release notes once they are available
* mention failing tests in release notes, warn about broken slope limiters
* advertise release to same set of mailing list as last time
* make sure to link full release notes on website

* there are a number of tests failing. It seems as if they fail on
systems using Intel12 based compilers. Need to collect exact build
number of compiler (icpc -V) to compare.
* failing Exact/KS-tilted test is very likely due to RELTOL=0. Increase
RELTOL to 1-12
* ADAxiOdd test failures are in a thorn that is known to produce
different results each time it is called (tolerance is 1e-7)
* many tests fail on Pandora, Peter is the goto person for this machine
* SphericalHarmonicRecon/regression tests fail with 2MPI processes on
some machines, mention in release notes
* no tests for trestles are present since the machine was down during
the last week

* grant Béla Szilágyi write access to PITTNULL code


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