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Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Dec 2 13:57:40 CST 2013

I don't recall ever having an ET call where this was discussed. Should 
it be scheduled?


On 10/23/2013 11:23 AM, Erik Schnetter wrote:
> I believe these benchmark parameter files are wildly out of date and should be removed.
> These days, we auto-generate benchmark files based on the target system to ensure that the benchmark parameters are scaled correctly. I have some script in Simfactory that do this. There is a low-level interface to the scripts where you (unfortunately) need to set many parameters (nodes, cores, processes, threads, SMT threads, memory to be used, CPU time to be used, etc.), and a high-level interface where you (unfortunately) basically cannot set anything since these are all chosen automatically... I should give an overview in person; would next Monday during the ET call make sense?
> -erik
> On 2013-10-23, at 11:40 , Roland Haas <roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu> wrote:
>> Signed PGP part
>> Hello Steve,
>> here the ones I know of:
>>> BenchIO
>>> BSSN_MoL
>> this is the CCATIE code. AEI private and not to be used anymore as far
>> as I know (superseded by MacLachlan).
>>> FlexIO IOFlexIO
>> Old IO libraries. Used only with PUGH.
>>> whisky_init_data
>> this is now GRHydro_InitData
>>> whisky
>> this is now GRHydro
>>> whisky_rnsid
>> this uses a private version of RNSID (original RNSID stand alone code
>> by Nick Stergioulas then extended). Rumour (and me talking to Nick
>> when I met him accidentally in Germany) has it that a new public
>> version of RNSID that contains (most of?) these features is being
>> prepared. Frank would know I think.
>>> Are these out of date? Are there better files to use for
>>> benchmarking?
>> Mostly they are out of data I'd say. For benchmarking I'd use the tov
>> and vacuum files from the xirel project. Alternatively I think Erik
>> send around some of his benchmarking files a while ago.
>> Yours,
>> Roland
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