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Steven R. Brandt sbrandt at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Dec 2 14:12:09 CST 2013

On 12/02/2013 01:20 PM, Roland Haas wrote:
> Present: Vassili, Frank, Erik, Ian, Roland
and Steve
> * we decided before the release to switch our repositories to git, once
> LSU has finished software upgrades and Frank has time
> * would like to (also) run tests for "optional" ET components that are
> currently commented out and not tested automatically
> Removal of thorns from main ET thorn list/deprecation:
> * we had a lively discussion as to how to proceed
> * uncontroversial: move ADMConstraints into EinsteinArchive and replace
> with ML_ADMConstraint which provides the same functionality. Reason:
> ADMConstraints uses old Tmunu interface (optionally) which is deprecated
> and will be removed. ADMConstraints also uses ADMMacros (is 4th order
> only etc) which are hard to maintain (we also found a bug in 2010: r107
> "Undefine the guts instead of the declare")
> * uncontroversial: remove old Tmunu interface. Reason: eat up ~30% of
> total CPU time since it contains a CCTK_IsThornActive in the innermost loop
> * uncontroversial: retire ADMCoupling since it is only used for the
> deprecated Tmunu interface, FRIEND mechanism in Cactus is also no longer
> advertised as good usage. Requires fixes in Exact.
> * ADMMacros is used by AHFinder. AHFinder seems to work (passes tests)
> though no one (of the callers) has used it for a long time. Difficult to
> motivate to why we retire it.
> * DistortedBHIVP, IDAxiBrillBH, IDAxiOddBrillBH, RoatingDBHIVP: mark as
> archived using comment. Remove from manifest (comment out) if tests
> fail. There are objections to moving the repository.
> New thorns:
> * CoreCollapseControl: needs example and/or test
> * CartesianCoordinates: rework into "MultiBlockBase/JacobianBase" and
> have Llama thorns inherit from it. Keep providing trivial coordinates
> (same as ADMBase providing Minkowski spacetime)
> * ZelmaniQuadWaveExtract: needs docs/test cases/examples. Otherwise this
> is something we'd like.
> * PAPI: want documentation, include
> * MemSpeed: want documentation, test case, include
> * dylib: include if compiles, WARN loudly if it cannot run at runtime
> * F5: want documentation, include
> * WaveToyCUDA: keep commented out, assuming testsuites and docs
> * Boost: objections to size of repo. ran out of time to reach conclusion
> Related issues:
> * this idea of having multiple thornlists, one containing a subset and
> one containing everything was tried in the past and found not to work
> (since they are hard to keep in sync). There needs to be a master thornlist.
> * want mechanism to mark tests as "know to fail". Most likely needs to
> be done in simfactory's files since failures are machine specific
> * suggestion to not include that tarball in ExternalLibraries, instead
> download in configure.sh script of thorn only if needed. Not yet fully
> agreed on whether we want this or not.
> * no agreed upon way to "retire" a thorn right now, different opinions
> on how to do this.
> Yours,
> Roland
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