[Users] Mojave|Simfactory|Fortran(thorn): F90 compiler rejecting "_##" in var names

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Thu Dec 19 23:04:17 CST 2013

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Hello Scott,

> integer, parameter :: cctki_use_##cctk_dim = kind(cctk_dim)
The Fortran compiler should never see these since they should be acted
on by the C preprocessor which is used by Cactus to preprocess Fortran
files. It should replace cctki_use_##cctk_dim by cctki_use_cctk_dim .
I vaguely remember having seen a warning at one point that ## needs to
be surrounded by whitespace. Are you using a very new gcc compiler
maybe (gcc seems to become stricter with each release). You can try
and change Cactus/src/include/cctk_Types.h to put a space around ## in

integer, parameter :: cctki_use_##nam = kind(nam)

ie turn it into

integer, parameter :: cctki_use_ ## nam = kind(nam)

I'd also check for warnings from the C preprocessor. You can also
check your optionlist to make sure FPP is set to either cpp or cpp.pl
. The later is Cactus' replacement C preprocessor.

> Two more questions:
> 1.  What is the simfactory analog of "SILENT=no"?   I see
> "--verbose" is already enabled, yet I'd like to see exactly what
> command (& flags) is being used to invoke the Fortran compiler.
No idea really. You can try to circumvent simfactory and do (bash):

SILENT=no sim build

> 2.  Can the warning re. no "include" directory be safely ignored?


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